Introduction: Fixing the Flooding Fridge

From time to time, the fridge in my house would become water bogged because of a shelf pressing on a lever for water. For the sake of quality of life, I added a stopper for the lever going the wrong direction as everyone in the house pulls the lever rather than pushing the lever to fill a cup.


To recreate this mini project, you will need tape, a popsicle stick, a ruler, and a marking tool such as a pencil.

Step 1: Measure Out the Space Between the Lever and the Tank.

Using the ruler, measure out the space between the lever and the tank and mark your popsicle stick to that length.

Step 2: Create a Triangle Up to 90°

Cut the measured piece from the popsicle stick as well as one longer piece and one piece of shorter to equal length. Tape the pieces into an acute triangle up to right triangle due to the pushing forces being more easily supported by causing the tape to pull. Remember not to go too acute though, as the triangle must have a side long enough to hold the tab of the lever.

Step 3: Attach the Block!

Using a tape that will stick to a glossy surface, attach the triangular block so that the top length of the triangle is the measured length. This should stop the leak!

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