Introduction: Quick and Easy Nerf Blaster Rack

NERF sells a lot of blaster models. To keep track of my own, here’s a rack to hold them!


Scrap wood (Preferably at least 5 pcs 3/4”x4”x1”, mine are 3/4”x7 1/2”x1 1/2”), perforated board, screws, perf board hooks.

Step 1: Spacers for the Board

In order to be able to add hooks to the perf board, there must be some space between the board and the wall. To make this space, I added four corner pieces of scrap wood and one piece in the center to prevent bowing. Don’t forget to line up the corner pieces with where you would like the corners of the board to be, as the spacers look better when flush with the board corners. It may be important to notice that the center piece is vertical while the corners are horizontal. This is because the distance between the corners horizontally is greater than the distance vertically between the corners, and the center piece needs to support more area vertically than horizontally to help prevent the board from bowing inward during application of heavier items.

Step 2: Adding the Perforated Board

Adding the board is relatively simple, line up the corners of the board with the spacers and add a screw in a hole going into each spacer.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Creative time! I find it easier to put in the hooks after aligning a blaster to its optimal position so that you have an idea of where to underline the blaster with a few hooks. Larger blasters may need hooks on the sides or top to keep them from toppling, but the smaller ones shouldn’t budge. For extra efficiency, I even put in a hook backwards to hold my watch!

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