Introduction: Fixing the Rear Door Lock Actuator on My Honda Civic

This is by far the hardest job I did on my car and I've done everything except the timing belt and head gasket.

The first step is the remove the door handle cover and unplug the window switch. Two screws need to come out here. The door latch handle needs a screw removed and it has to slide forward and out. The linkage rod needs to be dropped out.

Step 1: Removing the Door Panel and Weather Protection.

To get the door panel out, I pulled out at the bottom and then pushed upwards. I don't know why the hell Honda put that tacky crap to hold the plastic weather guard but I took it off and dumped it. I hate that stuff!

Step 2: Releasing the Door Latch.

A large head phillips screwdriver is needed for the 3 screws holding the latch. A 10mm hex head bolt has to come out at the bottom of the window sliding support.

The large head screwdriver is needed for the door lock knob and the linkage rod has to come out at the latch end.

Step 3: Removing the Door Handle.

Two 10mm hex head bolts hold the handle. By sliding the handle out of the door, it needs to be unscrewed from the threaded rod.

Step 4: Removing the Door Latch.

The latch has to slid down to the base of the door interior and pulled out. It was necessary to disconnect the electrical chord fastener.

Step 5: Fixing the Actuator.

To make a long story short, the motor has become weak in old age. I removed the coiled spring from behind the circular gear. Next I lubed up all moving parts. Installation was the reverse of removal except I notched one of the door handle bolt holes since it was a major pain to bolt back on.

I plan to order a replacement actuator and in the future replace this defective actuator. For now it works so so.