Introduction: Flaming Jellyfish

The first two elements identified by man are fire and water. Each essential. Each deadly. Both mystical.

The original yin and yang, fire and water cancel each other out. In the Flaming Jellyfish Fire and Water feature, both elements appear to exist in harmony. The water itself appears to burn! This super cool centerpiece is great for intimate dinners out on the patio.

Step 1: The Parts:

  1. First select your vessel/crucible
    1. Be sure it won't burn. Ceramic pots are an excellent choice.
    2. If your pot/bowl has a hole in it you can plug the hole with some water safe A/B epoxy putty. Not only will this epoxy cure to a hard plug, but it also works wet (or even under water).
      1. If you don't want a permanent plug plumbers putty works well for a temporary plug.
  2. Decorative stone
  3. Fuel: I like Swiss Fire Gel, but Sterno Gel or even Tiki Torch fuel will work
    1. While I have not tried them there are several Fireplace gel fuels that are designed to mimic real fire by sparking and sputtering (try at your own risk)
    2. Using a low odor/low smoke fuel is a good idea.
  4. A heat-treated glass beaker or the glass cylinder from a hurricane lamp.

Step 2: The How To:

  1. After sealing any drip holes in your vessel add some well rinsed stones to the bottom and make level.
  2. Place stones in the bottom of your beaker for visual continuity.
  3. Set the beaker in the bowl and fill the bowl to the rim of your beaker with water.
  4. Fill the beaker to 1/4" below the rim with water.
  5. Top off the beaker with Swiss Fire gel.
    1. The closer you get the gel and outside water to the lip of the beaker the better the final effect.
  6. Light the gel.

Step 3: Variations and Effects

The original effect should look like fire burning on the water. You can get different effects by adjusting the level of the fuel and beaker.

  1. If you are using a glass cylinder you can shake the bowl gently to release burning fuel into the water to create The Flaming Jellyfish effect. When using a beaker you may need to add a few stones to make the fire leak out.
    1. It won't burn as long, but boy does it look cool.
  2. Raise the beaker and lower the water level inside the beaker for a super cool Cup of Flames effect.
    1. Do not try this unless you have a very strong heat treated beaker.
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