Introduction: The Tabletop Volcano

I have always loved backyard features that combine water and fire. Especially when the fire is on the water. The Tabletop Volcano is simple, functional and beautiful.

Simply bury a small Tiki Torch in a mound of stone, fill with water and light. It makes a great centerpiece that throws a gentle light, repels mosquitoes and will burn for hours.

Step 1: What You Will Need

The requirements for a Tabletop Volcano are simple.

  1. A ceramic pot
    1. One that first of all won't burn.
    2. Depth and diameter are determined by the stone you choose.
      1. Remember: small irregular stones stack better than large or round stones.
      2. The stones are a big part of the final look so take some time.
      3. You want to hide the Tiki torch so save a few of the smallest stones for tucking in around the wick
    3. If the pot you selected has a hole in the bottom you can plug it with putty.
      1. I recommend a waterproof A/B Epoxy to make a permanent plug. This stuff not only works wet, but will work underwater.
      2. If you are like me and cannot resist tweaking your projects, use plumbers putty. It makes a good seal and never hardens.
  2. Decorative stone
    1. Again you need to stack it to make the volcano, so choose carefully.
  3. A small Tiki touch.
    1. Depending on the stone and general shape of your volcano you may want to put the Tiki torch inside a small tub to keep water out.
  4. Tiki Fuel.
    1. Citronella & Cedar is a good choice to repel mosquitoes and smells nice.
      1. Smoke looks cool, but if you plan on sitting around the table you may want the low smoke variety.

Step 2: Enjoy the Night!

Enjoy your Tabletop Volcano!

It's a great way to light up those small summer barbecues.

If you seek true insect repellent for your next party or gathering, however, you should employ a layers of protection approach. I like to ring the area with Tiki Torches beginning with a Tabletop Volcano and/or a fire pit in the center. The next ring can be insect repellent incense placed discreetly around the gathering places. Finally place some free standing Tiki Torches at a distance around the area and/or near locations for more intimate gatherings of couples or small groups. This way all but your most delicious guests can get away with skipping the body sprays.

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