Introduction: Flapjacks & Granola Bars - "no Washing Up" Easy Recipe

I hate washing cookwares almost as much as I love baking. So I have become obsessed with creating recipes that minimize the number of bowls & utensils required. These "no-washing-up" flapjacks / granola bars are one of my favorites. They're easy & tasty, and will make your home smell so amazing, like a bakery & candy shop rolled into one. To be honest, even if you don't like oaty snacks, they're worth making just for the smell...

Quick list: butter, rolled oats, all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, (seeds / chopped nuts - optional), golden syrup (alternatives - honey / sweet condensed milk).

Quick rundown: line a tray with foil > melt butter in the oven > stir in rolled oats > add flour & salt & sugar & optional seeds > stir to combine & press into even layer > drizzle golden syrup all over > bake (shorter time for chewy flapjacks or longer for crunchy granola bar) > cut into pieces when cooled

All ingredient details & step by step guides are in the video above. Please take a look.

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