Introduction: Flash Light


*Kid's toy that lights up
*Container (I used an Altoid's tin)
*Hot glue gun

Step 1: Disasemble Kids Toy

I bought this light sword from the dollar store. if you're using something else the theory is the same. Disassemble until you get to the battery, light, and button.

Step 2: Punch Holes

Punch 2 holes into your container. One for the light, one for the switch. I find it easier to start with a small hole and enlarge it with a awl to get the perfect fit. Once the holes are punched, file down the rough metal.

Step 3: Glue It Down

*Trim the wire down from the light to a few inches before you start.
*Make sure you know which wires go to what before you go glue crazy.
*Add your button and glue it down. Don't use too much glue!
*Next add your light and glue it down. Again, don't use too much glue!
*Then glue the battery pack. Make sure to glue the battery back with it's opening facing up so you can replace the batteries in the future.
*Finally wire everything together.
*If you have a soldering iron use to connect the wires - if not use more glue.

Step 4: Test It Out

Hopefully everything is wired properly and your light works. The next step is to turn your container into a survival tin.

Step 5: Tips

*Double check your wiring before you glue stuff down
*Hot glue helps make it semi water proof.
*Once assembled a DAB of glue on the button makes it easier to press down by making it larger. Too much glue will glue your button down.
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