Introduction: Open Kids Wardrobe

I bought one sheet of CDX plywood 4*8 1/2 1/2 thick (4ply) cut to the following
2 --50*14
1-- 28*14
1 --14*12
1 --50*28 1/2
1 --3*28 1/4
1 --17 1/4* 28 1/2

small tension rod
circular saw
hand full of 1/2 screws
wood chisel

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Step 1: Prepare the Sides

Once all the wood is cut get your side pieces, shelf and divider piece
You'll need to cut some notches for the shelf and the divider

1 Mark the sides where you'll be making the notch for the shelf i measured 12 inches from the bottom for the first line. since my wood  was a half inch thick i measured up a half inch from that line.
 ( to double check i stood my shelf up between the lines to make sure it was a good fit) 
2 adjust you saw to cut a depth of 1/4 in
3 make 3 or 4 passes with the saw (one pass on each line and a few in between)
4 take a chisel to it and get rid of the middle (making a notch) 
5 repeat 1-4 for the other side

Step 2: Divider and Shelf

You need to repeat the previous step on the bottom of your shelf for the divider.
Mark your lines in the center of the shelf

Step 3: Assembly

I  laid every thing out on the ground with the shelf inplace and held together while i put screws into the back.
To help i used a stool with some wood on it to keep the back held up nice while i put pressure from the drill. I used a small drill bit to put some pilot holes to keep the wood of the sides from splitting. 


Step 4: More Notching

Once the back is secured flip it over onto the back. You'll need to make a notch on the front of the back under the shelf for the divider.
Put the divider in place trace around it and notch like step 2

Step 5: Center Molding Piece

Now that everything is screwed or notched i added a center molding piece to keep the front tight and keep stuff from falling off the shelf. I added it just above the shelf so i could slide the shelf if i ever wanted to

Step 6: Top It

Everything should be tight and firm without to much wobbling.
Adding the top should really make it sturdy while giving it a fuctional space for lamps or toys.
Add some pilot holes i always start in the corners and add some to the center 
Add a tension rod and now you can hang clothes and costumes
The Top has a slight overhang because i like it. If you prefer not to have this cut it to a 28 1/2 * 14 instead of 28 1/2 * 17 1/14 

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