Flashing Halloween Treat Basket

Introduction: Flashing Halloween Treat Basket

This is very simple all you need is a Halloween Basket  (plastic)  1 Flashing L.E.D. colour of your choice 1 Watch Battery (CR2032) a Duct Tape, Clear Plastic cup, some Hot Glue (and Glue Gun) a 3/8 mm Drill bit ( for 5mm LED) and a Drill

Step 1:

Drill hole in the middle on the bottom of the Basket

Step 2:

Put hot glue on rim of cup and place it on the inside of the basket (centered) 

Step 3:

Now insert LED the long wire on the LED goes to the + on  the battery, insert the battery between the wires on the LED now bend them over so they are flat with the bottom of the basket, 

Step 4:

Now tape it to the bottom your done, Try different colour's of LED's and also different colour's of baskets, Hope you enjoy this

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