Flashlight Torch

Introduction: Flashlight Torch

Step 1: Materials

1. Ping pong balls 2. Broken flashlight 3. X-acto knife( for cutting) 4. String 5. A lighter

Step 2: Hollow Out Flash Light

You want to make sure that the flash light is completely empty. Why? clean because you are going to light the inside. Keep the end and top for later.

Step 3: What to Do With the Ping Pong Balls???

Use your x-acto knife and cut them up so they fit down the tube. You will probably need between 1 to 2 balls.

Step 4: What Next?

Take all of the ping pong ball pieces and place them in to the body of the flash light. Make sure u have the bottom on

Step 5: The Fun Part!!!

Now light the top and watch has the ping pong balls burn. WARNING! The flash light will get hot!

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