Introduction: Flask Hidden in a Book

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Do you need to get a gift for someone who has everything? Here's a clever idea for a gift. It doesn't cost much at all either! I ordered a flask online, it was about $4.00. Go to the thrift shop and find a hardcover book that is about 2" thick and at least 1" larger on all 4 sides. Make sure the binding is sturdy. I lucked out and found a copy of "Dr. Zhivago"  for 25 cents.  

Step 1: Supplies

For this project you will need a flask approximately 1" thick, a hardcover book about 2" thick, scissors, an exacto knife, a piece of posterboard or cereal box. a pencil and decopauge glue.

Step 2: Make Template

Slip a piece of posterboard inside the book between the pages and trace around it. Cut this out. Place your flask on top of this in the center and trace around the flask. Cut out the center. This is your template.

Step 3: Cut Pages

Open the book front cover and trace inside the template. I started on page 3 because I wanted to leave the first couple of pages intact. Using an Exacto knife, very carefully, cut through 3 or 4 pages at a time until the area is deep enough for your flask. Periodically, hold the front cover straight up and make sure that you are cutting straight down, Using the template will prevent you from cutting down at an angle. Take your time and use extreme caution with the exacto knife.

Step 4: Glue Pages

Put a layer of decopauge glue on the cut edges of the pages, allow to dry overnight.before closing the book.

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