Introduction: Flat Head Screwdriver Into a Chisel

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as my 1st 'ible i'll be making a screwdriver into a chisel

Step 1: Tools and PPE

I have this multi-tool that i never use the larger Flathead screwdriver. so i made it into a chesel

you'll need (at minimum)

some sort of grinder. I got one for £20 brand new from screwfix

a Flathead screwdriver (to make into a chisel)

gloves (don't want you to burn you hands)

safety glasses. a must with things that spark. i can tell you from experience that sparks and eyes don't mix well

Step 2: Coarse Grinding

get the general shaping with the coarse grindstone. look for an even finish. unless you want a skew

Step 3: Fine Tuning

fine tune with the fine grindstone. look for a angle about 40 degrees. you can make this angle sharper if you want.

Step 4: Proof in the Pudding

or the bit of wood in this case. i tried it our on a bit of untreated pine i had and it worked fine.

thanks 4 viewing ;) and pls vote 4 me

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