Introduction: Flat Nozzle for the Philips Hairdryer - 3D Printed

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I'd like to share with you how with the help of 3D printer and heat resistance plastic you can create an accessory to the hairdryer. In my situation, flat nozzle for the Philips saloon dry series been lost. I've asked a service center but the price for that nozzle and time to wait it was not acceptable for me. As usual, after "scratching my head", I've designed own accessory and printed it with Nylon plastic.

Step 1: Model to Print

It's better to print this model with heat resistant materials, like Nylon, PBT or PC.

It could be printed without supports.

Please note that, if you'll be printing this model, it designed in the exact size, so make sure that you scaled it properly for Nylon like materials, where thermal shrinkage has to be kept in mind.

In my case, for PA12 plastic scale was 108%

Step 2: Done-done

Once the model printed, you can grab it from the printer and install it on the hairdryer and use it.

That's it!

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