Introduction: Flat Packed Fire Bowl

As a task for school we had to make a flat pack product. The product I made is a fire bowl in metal which can easily be made at home with some easy foldings. I'll hope you enjoy :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools We Need

The first step is getting the right materials and tools to start build the fire bowl.

Material List

* Sheet metal plate / (80cm / 83cm & thickness 1,2mm)

Tool list

* Grinding wheel

* Dremel

* Blok/plank of wood

* Pincer

* Scribe

* Meter

Step 2: Prepare the Sheet Metal Plate for Folding and Cutting

Ok let's start builing!

For the FIRST step you will need a scribe and meter. This is for preparing the sheet metal plate. It will help you to know where to fold en to cut the material.

* On figure 2. you see how the sheet metal plate is signed.

* The size 50 cm is actually 2 cm + 48 cm and 2 cm high.

* The sheet metal plate is 80/80 cm the other 3 cm are the support legs.

Step 3: Folding and Cutting

In this step I will explain what there need to be fold and cut on the sheet metal plate on the basis of a figure.

It's very simple. ( look at fig.1 )

* The green lines are the folding lines.

* The red lines are the cutting lines.

* The dotted line are the support legs they will need to be removed before you start folding.

So you will begin to cut first. I used a grinding wheel and a dremeltool. ( fig. 3 and 4 )

The result when you have done this. You see it on fig. 2.

Step 4: Folding the Sheet Metal Plate

In this step I will explain to you how to fold the sheet metal plate to a fire bowl. but first you will need som tools.

Tool needed

* Hamer

* Wooden blok/plank


* At first we will fold the piece number 1 on 90 degrees which you can see on fig.1.

* Second we will fold number 2 again this is 90 degrees which you can see on fig. 2.

- Use your hands to fold the metal. Here is where the hamer and the wooden blok/plank come in.

As you can see on fig. 3 i used a metal profile but I also tested it with a wooden blok/plank and it works perfectly!

Hold with your one hand the wooden blok and fold with the other hand the sheet metal plate. After folding we will put the blok/plank on the bending area and we will adjust the bendig by hitting the plank with the hammer. ( see fig. 4. )

Take your time in this process only then you will have a nice product :)

Step 5: Folding the Sheet Metal Plate Part 2


Now we will fold piece number 3. this piece is the support tab, it wil hold the pieces together so you dont need any screws or nuts.


* Make sure you don't forget to cut the lip of 2 cm you see this in fig. 2 above. If you did, good! :)

* Now we will put the support tab through the line we cut out. ( see fig. 3 )

* And then we will bend it over, make sure you bend the tab above on the other side this wil improve the strength of holding everything together.

On fig.4 you see the result if you have done these steps.

- TIP: Use a hamer for bending the support tab.

Step 6: Folding the Sheet Metal Plate Part 3

Almoste done!

Now we need to bend piece 4 and 5. Piece 4 will be standing on the ground while piece 5 wil be putted in the ground.


* You will see on fig.1 that piece 5 is missing this is because the step most be done on the otherside of the sheet metal plate. Piece 4 you need to fold in a angel of 35 degrees. ( look at fig.3 and 4 )

* Next in line is folding piece 5 this is the piece that you will put in the ground. This piece you need to fold in a angle of 90 degrees.

- These steps are done by hand so you have a nice bending with a large radius. ( see fig.5 and 6 )

Step 7: Folding the Sheet Metal Plate Part 4

Now the final step!

The last step is making the support legs. This isn't much work at all.

Tool needed



Now you just take the corner of the support legs and bend them.

Warning!: If you put the support legs in place make sure that they stay in place by putting them a little bit into the ground so that the fire pit stands stable.

Step 8: ENJOY!

Hopefully you like it.