Introduction: Flat TV Stand

So here you are, you have brought a now  flat TV set and you need to place it on a floor stand.
Not only that but you also want to turn the screen vertically. That's what i had in my mind too so i did a quick search on Google where i found 2-3 brands with products like the one needed but those stands were very expensive like 500$ or more. So i decided to make one of my own with 100$ or less. Off course you can paint it or use materials to make it stylish.
Here it is...

Step 1: Materials

Materials you'll need:

- A cheap flat TV wall bracket suitable for your TV.
- A plywood board as a floor base. Depends on the screen you have goes the base board.
I own a 42" wide screen so i decided to cut a 70x60x3cm plywood board.
- A plywood as height as the horizontal height of the wall TV bracket x 20cm width x 20mm of thickness. The above piece of plywood is a versatile one! i will explain later on.
- A plain wood (H=100cm x W=12cm x D=6cm).
- A plumbing pipe 1/2 inch diam.
- A big screw 14mm diam x 13cm long and x2 secure nuts.
- x2 washers with inner diam enough to pass the plumbing pipe.
- x2 washers with inner diam to pass the big screw.
- x3 metal plates about 10cm x 10cm and 2-3mm thickness. Make a hole in the center with enough diam to pass the plumbing pipe and an other one hole at each corner for small wood screws.
- x2 long wood screws about 10cm long.
- x3 woodwork metal corner connectors about 25cm x 20cm long.
- x2 metal corners for shelves about 40cm x 30cm long.
- x10 screws with secure nuts and x20 washers with diam enough to pass through the woodwork metal corners holes, about 5-6cm long.
- x6 metal screws with secure nuts and x12 washers with diam about 10-12mm x 4cm long.
- x3030mm wood screws.
- x4  small wheels for the base board.
- An electric screwdriver with a nice set, hammer, pliers.

Step 2: Construction

for details see the pictures included