Introduction: Flat Pack Table Bbq

This is a flat pack barbeque you can use on a camping or holiday or at home.

It will stand on a table.

You can take it with you like a briefcase.

Step 1: What Do You Need?

For this project you need:

- DXF-files or Illustrator files of the bbq parts to be cut out by a lasercutting machine.

- sheetmetal steel ( C 45 ) thickness 1 mm.

- 5 meter of stainless steel round solid tubes diameter 5 mm.

- Bending machine.

- 3 point roller machine (to curve a round solid tube ).

- Grinder

- Hard and soft pieces of sandpaper

- Metal cleaning spray.

- Primer coating spray ( grey ).

- Heat-resistant spray ( black ).

Step 2: Drawings

Send the drawings to a lasercutting company.

They will cut out all the drawings for you in sheetmetal steel ( thickness 1 mm ).

Ask the company to bend the edges of the parts that has to be bend.

Step 3: Bending the Round Edge of the 2 Lids

- Bend the edge to a 1/4 th shape of a circle.

- Make short bends after each other, then you will become a 1/4th circle shape.

- Follow the same steps for the otrher lid.

Step 4: Connecting the 2 Lids Together

What do you need?

- Rivetshooting tool.

- 2 rivets ( 2 - 4 mm INOX ).

- 2 spacer rings 4 mm in diameter.

Step 5: Rivet the Lids Togheter

- Put the rivet into the hole and put a spacer ring between the 2 edges.

- Shoot the rivet until it pop.

- Follow the same steps for the other side.

Step 6: Welding the Second Handle on to the Bbq

What do you need?

- A spotwelder and a gripper

- Weld the handle with 4 spots on to the edge of the bbq.

Step 7: Bending the Suppot Lips

- bend the 4 lips to a S - shape with a pliers.

Step 8: Making the Grill

What do you need?

- 5 x 1 meter Inox round solid tubes diameter 5 mm.

- A circular saw.

- Grinder.

Step 9: Cut Out the Edge of the Grill

- Use a printed file of the grill to take messurements.

-Take messurements on to the inox tube where you have to bend it.

Step 10: Curving the Tube

- Take messurements and curve the tube into a tube roller.

- cut the tube to the perfect length with the circular saw.

Step 11: Making the Grill Bars

- Lay the grill framework on to the drawing and cut out the grill bars to the perfect legth.

- Grind the bars for a perfect fit to weld.

Step 12: Welding the Grill

- Use a welding machine to weld all the bars togheter to become the grill.

- Use Inox welding sticks.

Step 13: Grinding the Grill

- Grind the grill on the grinder to make a clean surface.

Step 14: Cleaning the Surface of Every Part of the Bbq

- Use sandpaper to clean-up every part of the bbq.

Step 15: Cleaning Every Part

- Clean every part with a metal cleaner spray and a cloth.

Step 16: Spray Primer on Every Part

- Spray metal primer on every part of the bbq.

Step 17: Painting

- Paint every part black with a black heat-resistant spray

Step 18: How to Use the Flat Pack Bbq

- Follow the pictures from left to right to stabbing away among all models correctly in the barbeque.

Step 19: How to Assemble the Bbq to Use?

- Follow the pictures from left to right to stabbing the barbeque together

Step 20: The Result