Introduction: Flatpack Folder

A folder is a big object, altough it could and should be smaller to transport. The biggest issue are the two rings. In this instructable I will prove it's possible to create a flatpack folder and show you how you can make it.

Step 1: Tools Needed

For this job you'll need:

- a drill

- a 3 mm and 4,5 mm drill bit

- a screwdriver

- pliers

- a calliper

Step 2: Materials Needed

To make this folder you'll need:

- a folder

- four 5 x 10 flat headed screws

Step 3: Remove Rivets

Remove the rivets using a 3 mm drill bit, there should be four of them. Use pliers to remove any remaining pieces of these rivets once you've drilled trough.

Step 4: Drilling Holes in the Mechanism

The mechanism has four 3 mm holes in it, use the 4,5 mm drill bit to widen them.

Step 5: Screwing the Mechanism in Place

Because we use screws with a diameter of 5 in 4,5 mm holes, you can bolt them tight in the metal of the mechanism.

Step 6: End Result

Your brand new folder is now ready to use. Thanks to this way of making a folder flatpack, you can fit about

48 of them in a box with dimensions 65 x 30 x 32 cm compared to 16 regular folders.

Instead of screws I would like to use a one-time click mechanism so it is much faster to assemble. Assembly and disassembly after the first time is less usefull anyway.