Introduction: Flavored Pork


Pork 250 g

Salt 1 g

Sugar 15 g

Vinegar 5g

Water half bowl

Cornstarch right amount

Soy sauce 1 g

Bean paste right amount

Mushrooms 3

Green onions right amount

Green pepper half

Water Bamboo half

Red pepper half

Carrot right amount

Ginger right amount

Garlic right amount

Step 1: A Half Bowl of Water Mixed With Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Cornstarch and Soy Sauce

Step 2: Other Ingredients Shredded or Finely Chopped

Step 3: Tenderloin Strips Mixed With Salt, Pepper, Chicken Powder, and Little Water Cornflour

Step 4: Catch to Sticky and Marinate 10 Mins

Step 5: Put a Little Oil in Pot and Heat the Pork Till Turning White

Step 6: Keep Remaining Oil in Pot and Add Garlic, Ginger and Bean Paste

Step 7: Add Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Green Onions and Pork

Step 8: Put in Flavored Sauce