Introduction: Fleece Headband/ Earcover

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Things you will need:

  • Sewing Machine
  • Fleece ( at least 1yd)
  • Thread
  • Measuring tape (or ruler)
  • Sewing pins
  • Scissors
  • Black permanent marker
  • Sewing needle (for a little hand sewing)
  • Straight edge (cutting board, ruler, or a straight piece of paper)

Step 1: Measurements

  • Measure around your head (over your ears), I am about 24", I gave myself some stitching room.
  • Then think about how wide you want your head band, I wanted about 3.5" so I went 4" to give myself sewing room.
  • Outline the rectangle, try to make it as straight as possible (the straight edge would be handy here)
  • Make a second rectangle (I cut one out and traced it.)
  • Cut the rectangles out!

Step 2: Pin It, Stitch It.

  • Make sure the pieces are lined up on top one another.
  • Sew down each of the long sides.
  • Turn it inside out
  • You can hand sew the inside or try to sew it with a sewing machine (or what ever technique you know) I Wiggled the piece under the machine and sewed as much as I could and hand stitched the rest.
  • The headband itself is done!

Step 3: Optional: Flower

I make a flower to go on my head band but there are SO MANY different things you can do!

  • Make a cut out that looks like a flower petal ( I just go creative)
  • Trace anywhere from 3 petals and up (for the headband i actually did 6 petals, you can do more to make it look more full)
  • Knot the end of the thread well then make a running stitch through each petal and pull them together so that they ruffle.
  • to make the center bud just cut out a small circle about the size of a quarter and do a running stitch all the way around it and pull it so it makes a puff ball.
  • stitch the bud into the center of the flower then onto the hat! done!

Step 4: Finished Product / Other Options!

you can tack on anything to the headband, rosette, bow, or any cute cut out you can think of!

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