Introduction: Fleshy Hat

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List of Materials:
Paper Bag
Hot glue gun
cereal box or two
thin cotton fabric
brown and black latex craft paint

In my first instructable, I will show how I made a creepy, fleshy-looking pint sized hat using card stock from a cereal box and liquid latex, among other things for my halloween costume. This hat will be small but everything I did here can be scaled up for larger props as well.

Step 1: Shape

I started by using a paper bag to mock up the shape of the hat. I drew a rough shape for the brim and the sides of the hat. I also drew out the round section needed later for the very top of the hat but forgot to take pictures of that one.

Step 2: Cut Out, Glue

I forgot to take pictures of the next couple steps, but I will tell you what I did.
First, when I was happy with my paper mock-up, I cut the pieces of out cardboard card stock and fit them together. I hot glued them and then covered them with a thin cotton fabic to create texture.

Step 3: Latex

I applied a thin coat of latex to the outside making sure to get a nice seam built around any weak areas of glue. I let it dry completely before I added the second coat. while I was waiting to that to dry out, I thought about adding some detail to it in hopes of adding creep factor. I added an eye and a couple stiches to the top that came out pretty good for a last minute addition.

Step 4: Paint and Finish

I went to the local art store and picked up a little bottle of brown and black acrylic paint for .50cents a pop and started messing around with different combinations to get a nice dirty beat up skin look.

Step 5: FIN

I hope you liked this instructable. It is my first, and somewhat last minute.
I hope you all have a safe and amazing Halloween. I know I will :-)
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