Introduction: Flight of Coke Butterflies

We made these for my sisters wedding, they are cheap and easy to make ( although depending on how many you want they take a little time) but they look beautiful. And you get to reuse some of those plastic bottles.

Step 1: Gather Materials

To make these you will need

Clear plastic 2 liter bottle (empty)
Liquid lead ( gray or silver)
Translucent glass paint ( we did another batch later and used acrylic i will attcah a pic at the end)
Fishing Line

Needle ( or other small pokey tool)
Space for Drying

Step 2: Create Template

Draw a Butterfly the size and shape you want to make on a piece of paper ( any type of paper will do). Add lines to define the patterns on the wings - this will be used in the next step.

If you can't draw a butterfly i am sure you could find lots of pictures online.

Cut out your paper butterfly. This will be your template

Cut the plastic bottle into squares roughly the size of your template

Place the paper butterfly template on the plastic square and cut the plastic to match the template

Repeat as many times as you want
now you have a bunch of plastic butterfly shapes

Step 3: Wing Outlines

Now it is time to add some detail.You will be painting on the side that used to be the outside of the bottle - The plastic butterflies will still curl so you want the paint to be on the top/outside when you set them on the table ( creating a tunnel between the table and butterfly)

Use the Liquid Lead( or Liquid Silver) to paint the outlines of the wings, and wing pattern for the butterfly. You can make this as detailed or simple as you like

If you aren't good at free handing you can set the clear plastic on top of the paper template and trace over the lines that were drawn on your template

Set Aside to dry.

I let mine sit overnight but depending on conditions you might be able to do the second step sooner.

Step 4: Add Color

Once the Outlines are dry you can color in the areas using the transparent glass paint, Or paint the entire thing one color.
We used, Pink and Blue Opalescent Paint for the ones used for the wedding. The other ones used latex paint. and glitter over the top

Here you are just using a paintbrush and the Glass Paint. Paint however you like on the same side of the butterfly as the liquid lead outlines.

Let Dry

Step 5: Hanging Mechanism

For this part you can use the top or bottom of the bottle (or both) depending on which you like better .

If you use the BOTTOM:

Cut the bottom off the bottle evenly all the way around about an inch think.

using the needle poke holes around the open edge of the plastic ring.You will hang a butterfly from each hole so use that to determine how many holes and how far apart you want your holes

Poke a hole in the center of the bottom of the bottle. Thread a piece of fishing line through this hole to hang the entire thing.

If you use the TOP:

Cut the pouring spout off. cut the top from the bottle to form a ring of plastic about 2 inches thick.

Poke holes around the wider edge of the plastic ring. You will hang a butterfly from each hole so use that to determine how many holes and how far apart you want your holes.

Poke 3 holes along the other edge to hang the entire thing. These holes should be evenly spaced around the ring. Thread one piece of Fishing line through each of the three holes, tie the three pieces of fishing line together in the center leaving at least one long piece to hang the entire thing from.

Step 6: Assemble

Poke one hole in the top of each Top/Front wing. Take one piece of Fishing line, thread it first through one then the second hole. Bring  the leading end around the back of the butterfly and tie the two ends together roughly equidistant from each wing. Leave one end of the fishing line longer than the other so that you can hang the butterfly from this long end.

Thread the longer end of the fishing line from the butterfly through one of the holes in the Hanging ring. Tie Off

Step 7: Enjoy!

Find somewhere to tie it ( chandeliers are great)


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