Introduction: Flip Down TV Mechanisms From Your Ceiling Using a Firgelli Auto Linear Actuator

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Linear Actuators for Flip down TV mechanisms from your ceiling

by Firgelli Automations Inc

Linear Actuators can be used for so many different applications, a very popular use for them is to create a Hidden TV mechanism in your Ceiling, as can be seen in this example  (  Using 12vdc 9" stroke Linear Actuators in  your ceiling you can now hide your expensive TV out of sight, and if someone breaks into your house you know they wont be able to find your TV after all who looks in the ceiling.  Firgelli Automations carries many types of linear actuators that can be used to create these types of lifts depending on the size and weight of your appliance your lifting.  Using our actuators in conjunction with our Remote controls and switches allows our customers to control your application wired or wireless and not have to worry about battery drain as some of these control boxes use AC power which will plug into your regular home outlet and output 12vdc to the actuator or control box.   Many of our customers have used our actuators to create a very inexpensive TV lifts in homes, offices, warehouses, cars, boats virtually anywhere that is required to have linear motion.

A very simple way to create a Flip down TV lift can be seen in this video ( , Here we use a 9" Stroke linear actuator as purchased here to lift the TV. One Gas spring was also  used in this case but not really required. Also purchased was a couple of MB3 mounting brackets and a power supply from our website.  You can make it as complex or as simple as your application requires. Here is a basic instructions guide to make one using a linear actuator

1.     To use a Linear actuator to make a flip down TV Lift you have to create a large L type bracket, this is so the TV mounts on teh inside of the large L and pivot point is required on the corner of the L then the Actuator pulls the L bracket effectively rotating the mechanisms 90degs around that fixed pivot point.

2.     In this application the actuator is fully extended when the tv is in the down position, and so pulling the TV up closed means the actuator is pulling the end of the L bracket back into place and rotating the entire mechanism around the pivot point. The gas spring was used in this instance to assist with the pulling because the closer to the pivot point you are the more force is required.

3.     The Actuator would be ordered in the stroke size that’s the same height as your appliance typically, plus a few extra inches. So if your appliance is 10” tall order the 12” stroke actuator. We suggest FA-400-L-12-12” in this case. These FA-400 actuators are quiet, high force, have built in limit switches and easy to operate.

4.     Also buy 2 of the MB3 brackets and install them at the top of the back of the drawer to lift it, and at the base of the cabinet.

5.     Connect the 2CH-RC remote control which you should also buy to remotely operate the actuator and a FA-12v-10A power supply to run it all.

6.     Operate the actuator all attached first without the appliance installed, making sure the drawer opens and closes smoothly. You will need to adjust the position of the actuator base such that when the drawer is closed the actuators internal limit shuts itself off when retracted just in time for the vertical drawer to fully close. Otherwise you will need to install external micro switches as found in our EL-KIT to limit the travel externally to the actuator which is also very easy to do and only an $18 kit.

7.     After some modifications you should be good to just sit back and watch your appliance go up and down all day long, what a great way to impress your friends.

Please feel free to contact us about information and/or question on how to create an appliance lift or ordering a linear actuator for you application.