Flip the Heart Challange/Game/Loneliness

Introduction: Flip the Heart Challange/Game/Loneliness

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So, It's THAT day of February again, but you're still canonically single?

Here's a thing for you to do.

Step 1:

Take a plastic bottle.

Step 2:

Cut a section of it.

Step 3:

Flatten it up and crease the edges.

Step 4:

Check up my instructable on how to make a guillotine cutter:


Or just use some scissors to cut a narrow loop.

Step 5:

Crease one angle of the loop backwards to form the heart.

Step 6:

Pour some wine into a simply-shaped glass...

And now you have all you need to spend the evening and survive this event. The rules are simple: flip the heart to drink some wine.

Anyways, it's just a thing I accidently invented while working on a new upcoming project. It's weirdly addicting, by the way.

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