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This is a simple and very basic hack, but a very useful and impactful. I have a desk which i use on daily basis and i dont like cluttering it. I used to use wooden mannequins something like this LINK to hold my couple of pens, but i was not very keen on sharing my work space and needed something unique which will be very minimalist, USEFUL and something creative. And then i came up with an very simple hack i name it FLOATING PEN STAND !

Because the pens seems to levitate defying the gravity, they swing (WIGGLE WIGGLE WIGGLE !) they move but still they float with ease.

Step 1: Requirements

One needs basically couple of things
1. Flat base pen (either of the end should be flat & lightweight)

2. Magnetic strip (or any small magnets will work)

The weight of the pen directly depends on the strength of the magnet, if the magnets are weak a heavy pen will fall, the magnetic bond will not be able to handle that stress and will fall regularly.

Step 2: How the Magic Works

Take the flat side of the pen it could be any the top cap or the base, clean it with soap or rubbing alcohol (dry for few minutes) and thus remove any residue which will hinder with the magnetic tape. Cut a decent amount of tape or use magnet whichever suits your need, and apply on the flat surface. You are half way towards completion of the project :) (I am pretty sure it must be the smallest usable ible).

Then cut again a new decent portion of magnetic tape which will be used on the base of the table. Stick them to something which will not be easily visible to eye
NOTE : please check the polarity before sticking.
After checking polarity stick the other side of the tape, mostly underside where it looks more realistic and puts a layman into deep thinking how do they levitate !

Its very simple and effective, it suits my needs and does not clutter my desk, plus its a real conversation starter.

Step 3: More Advancements

There can be more advancement or modifications which can be done. Few of them i can think of right now for those who do not have underbelly for tables but have a flat desk.

A wooden base stand with a metal strip from clothes hanger bend at 90 degree with curve, being metal (& not aluminum) the other side of magnetic strip will not be needed which we stuck at the underbelly of table. More on that the small magnets could be hidden and concealed inside the pen, cutting the refill and making space for magnets.

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