Introduction: Floating Pingpong Toy

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The idea for this instructable came up while visiting a children science museum, during their summer vacation. we stopped on a display of a floating ball above an industrial hair dryer.


Step 1: Idea & Design

The simple science behind this trick is air pressure. if you would like to read more click on this link .

Design was a simple drawing on a piece of paper,

went to the shop to get some ingredients,

a little bit of trial and error...

The rest is here on the next steps.

Step 2: What You Will Need


  1. Rounded Wood stick (i.e. broom stick)
  2. 3mm wire (length ~5-10cm)
  3. Pingpong ball
  4. Wood paint (for toys)


  1. Drill
  2. Drill bits (7mm, 3mm)
  3. Vice (optional)
  4. Wire cutter
  5. Screwdriver
  6. Sanding machine
  7. Pliers
  8. Hand saw

Step 3: Construction

The Tube:

  1. Cut ~15cm of the wood stick (the length depends on your bit length).
  2. Drill using 7mm bit, a hole straight in the middle to the maximum length of the bit.
  3. Use the bit to mark the end of the hole from the last step.
  4. Mark the bit to go half way of the stick (radius).
  5. Drill vertically where you marked (step 3).
  6. Test it, blow from one side. (this will also clear the hole from redundant sawdust)

The Hoop:

  1. Cut ~10cm of wire.
  2. Bend the wire to create a circle, using the vice and the pliers.
  3. With the remaining wire, bend it so you will end with 90 degrees angle.
  4. Cut the remaining wire to the length of a radius + 2cm.
  5. Use 3mm drill bit, mark it to have radius depth.
  6. Place the circle straight above the hole, mark where to drill and drill up to the bit marker.

Step 4: Polish & Paint


Remove the Hoop and polish the tube.

Using the sanding machine create a whistle like mouthpiece.


NOTICE: Be sure to use toys wood paint!

Shake the paint can, paint the tube and the hoop.

let dry.

Step 5: Done

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