Introduction: Floral Striped Nail Art Tutorial

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A simplification of a super cute floral nail art design!

You will need polishes in nude, light pink, dark pink, light green, dark green, white, and red (not pictured). I used nail art pens in the tutorial at points, but using a nail art brush or even a toothpick will work just fine!

Step 1: The Steps

1. Paint the entire nail with your nude/beige polish

2. Using white polish, make vertical stripes on the nail evenly spaced. If making these straight lines is difficult, consider using striping tape or even thinly cut pieces of tape in the same way you would use painters tape on a wall.

3. Using your red polish, make 3 globs in the corner of your nail that roughly look like flowers. You don't need to worry about making defined petals or anything. I just used the polish brush also.

4. Using your dark pink, make globs roughly covering the shapes you just made in red, leaving the edges still showing in red.

5. While letting that dry, use your light green polish to make leaves. In the gaps between your flowers, make "v" shapes, curved lines, teardrop shapes, etc. Do as many or as few as you think necessary

6. Using your light pink polish, you will make shapes that look like "w", "3", "c" or crescents to outline your rose petals over your flowers. This doesn't need to be exact or perfect, just do what you think will look best. Every rose is different!

7. Using your dark green polish, add details to your leaves. Think of this as making a "skeleton" for your leaves. Draw thin lines that mimic the general shape of the leaves.

8. Finish off with topcoat once it's all dry and you are good to go and enjoy your nails!

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