Introduction: Floss Box Earphone Organizer

This instructable will teach you how to master the art of turning an ordinary floss box into a super duper cool Floss Box Earphone Organizer. OK, its not that cool, but it is still function-able.

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Step 1: Materials

You will need:
1-Floss Box, any brand will work.
1-Earphone, again any brand
1-X-acto knife
1-MP3 device or object that requires earphones.
1-The need for an earphone organizer

Step 2: Gut the Floss Box

Open the box and remove the "guts", including the floss, circle, and plastic "skeleton".

Using the X-acto knife, carve 2 slits on the bottom of the slender side of the Floss Box. (This will be the opening for the earphone jack.

Puncture the 2 slits with the scissor, and rotate several times until a rather large hole has appeared. (hehe)

Use the X-acto knife to remove excess plastic shavings if desired.

Step 3: Wind the Wires

Place the earphone jack through the hole we just made. If not easily slips through, enlarge hole using scissors.

Wind the wires around the plastic circle. The looser the better, but dont make it too loose, as it will easily fall off the circle.

When finished, place plastic "skeleton" into the plastic "body".

Step 4: Cut Em' Up

Use the scissor and cut the plastic body in 2 areas.

1:The small hole where floss used to come out (see picture for better explanation) Cut slightly larger than the area of the earphone wire.

2:Cut off a small sized chunk from the plastic casing, directly above the metal floss cutter.

Step 5: Finished!!

You are now done! Feel free to--

2.Jump for joy
3.yell random "man noises", such as whoo or yahoo or whippie
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