Introduction: How to Fabricate an University/Organization Acceptance (Prank)

Before we start this instructable, we must undergo a screening process. If you fulfill these prerequisites then you are eligible to learn the art of fabricating an university (a.k.a. a cruel trick).

1. Do you have a "victim", such as an annoying older sibling, a hopeful friend, or that one bully who stole your lunch money. (Y/N)

2. Are you patient and willing to spend 1-2 hours completing a prank that will last for about 5-10 minutes? (Y/N)  If not, refer to the "*"

3. Access to a printer? (Y/N)

If you passed that little test, you are ready to go!!

This instructable will teach you how to generate a false school to trick somebody that they have been accepted to a "prestigious university".


3.Internet, well you're using it now so....
4.Mail Stickers (optional)
5.Old Stamps
9.Camera (optional)

Some of these materials are obvious.

****** If you are too lazy, you can just send an email to the school/org requesting information. They will send you an envelope filled with stuff, and you can use that instead of going through this time-consuming project.*********

Step 1: Think of a Name

If you want to use an already established school/organization to save about 1 hour of work, skip steps 1 and 2. If not, continue reading.

Think of a name for your school that will be convincing, but has a certain "ting" that makes it special. Some notable schools in the U.S. are:

-UCLA (University of California Los Angeles)
-MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 
-UW (University of Washington)  :D
-UT (University of Texas)
-Cal Tech (California Institute of Technology)
-CIA (Culinary Institute of America) *haha

You get the point. Most schools abbreviate the name. So, come up with some snazzy abbreviations. Here are some examples, im sorry if you find some offending:

-Florida Institute of Science and Humanities (FISH)
-North American Zoological Institute (NAZI)
-the Sacred Heart Institute of Technology (SHI*)
-United New-York Institute at Cornwall (UNICORN)
     -and yes, Cornwall is a real town in New-York-

Take some time and have fun!

For this "ible, I choose you, FISH! (Pokemon Reference)

*UCLA,MIT,UW,UT,CalTech, CIA, and Google Maps are not my property or school. They are not in any way affiliated with Asian Invasion and this instructable. Logos and Mascots are properties of the above schools. *

Step 2: Create School's Basic Info

In this step, we will create the school's:

1.Mascot-symbol representing school's athletics
2.Logo- Official symbol representing school's entirety
3.Mission- Goal of School

Try to relate to the school and the name. FISH could be a Shark or a Manta Ray
Yours could be anything that seems aggressive or has a fighting chance against other school's mascots. UW, for example, is a Husky. By now, you should know I'm a Dawg.

link to ideas

Make it as professional as possible. If you want, look at an already existing logo and base yours off of that. Many universities have a simple logo, such as UW's W logo. For FISH, I will just use a huge F. The font has a slightly mysterious and "futuristic" look.

Make is sappy, make it in Latin, make it mean whatever  you want. As long as it looks fancy, nothing else matters. Few will really search to translate your foreign letters.
For FISH, I will use "Fuori Pescando", which translates to "Out Fishing" in Italian. Babel Fish doesn't make Latin. :(

Feel free to use any online translator. Although they may not be accurate at times, it doesn't matter. All we want is some fancy language. Well ,unless the victim can understand it.

Step 3: Create a Letter

To convince your victim they have been accepted, you must create an acceptance letter. You may use my letter that I have re-written to save you time, or write your own to be more creative.

Date: ___A few days ago from the date you are giving to victim__

__Fake Address of the School___

Dear __Name of Victim__

I am very pleased to inform you of your acceptance to ___School___ as a freshman for Fall __Year___. You have been admitted to the Academic Center for Entering Students (ACES) at the __School Name___ Main Campus.

The ACES program is designed for students who are not yet established in the academic major (see enclosed description). As an ACES student, you will be encouraged to explore a wide range of academic majors available at the University. Through individual advising and collaboration with __School__, ACES advisers will work to connect you with majors that fit well with your academic strengths and future goals.

We are confident that you will continue your high level of academic performance throughout the remainder of this year. This offer of admission is contingent upon your continued success. The Undergraduate Admissions Office requires that an official copy of your final transcript be forwarded upon completion of your high school course work. Congratulations, and we hope to see you soon!

__Fake Signature__
__Fake Name___
Director of Admissions

Print this out on some "fine" paper, such as card stock with a textured pattern. If you're too cheap, poor, or lazy, just use regular legal size paper. -_- Be sure to put your "logo" on the top left of the letter.

Step 4: Envelope and "Trimmings"

Prepare a new regular sized envelope. Print a small version of your logo onto the top left of the envelope. This may take some time to setup and execute. Print out a Recipient Sticker with your victim's Name and Address. If you dont have these stickers, feel free to print in cursive. However, Its hard to write straight and neatly, and will damage the authenticity of your school. Attach some old stamps onto the envelope. To do this, take some spam mail and stick it in a batch of water. Let it sit for a while, then peel it off. Try not to rip the stamp. Place on the envelope with a little bit of glue.

Fold the envelope neatly into thirds and place into the envelope. No matter how hard it is to resist the urge to lick the envelope, RESIST IT SISTER! Well if you're a dude, just resist it. Not only will it taste like a dog's butt, it wont be sticky enough to keep the envelope closed. Wet your finger and run it along the sticky edge. It may take several runs to get it fully sticky.

Step 5: Optional: Create a Website

If you are using a "pre-made" school, skip this step. You are almost DONE!!! As for the others, well, you're not so done. In fact, your medium-well done. I just had to, sorry.

Go to any free website maker, or if you are an experienced web-designer, go free-bird on your dedicated server.

For the "Average Joes", go to . I've been using this site since 2004!!

WARNING: The free website makers damage the authenticity of the school ,for they put a big ole' http://www.whateverschoolyouaremakingup.WEBS.COM  .If you're willing to compromise the entire project, continue on.

Follow the steps to make an account on Select an appropriate template, and just fill out the info. Use online resources such as real universities for help. As for me, I personally didn't make a website, since MY SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW OMGG, and I'm lazy. :P . You don't have to be lazy silly, you've got all the help you need online.

Again, the website is or your own personal favorite.

Step 6: Release the BEAST!!

You may either place the letter inside the victim's mailbox, after the mailman comes, for you may stash it in the pile of mail lying on the kitchen counter. To increase success rate, place in the middle of the pile/box filled with mail.

If you dont have a camera, skip this paragraph!

Place a camera in the area you believe your victim will open the mail. Place it in the car, in the boat, even in the R.V. Sorry, I had to make a ShamWow reference. I recommend placing it above their desk or even right in the kitchen. If you have multiple cameras, take one paparazzi style.

If possible, recruit some "henchmen" to help you, such as your parents (if you still live with them), friends, etc. Have them congratulate them on their "very first college acceptance", and take pictures.


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