Introduction: Flush Cannon.

In this Instructable I will be showing you how to make somebodies day into a clean one through the use of a couple toilet modifications. So long as they flush, this will most likely work. Depending upon whether or not you do it correctly, in which case the victim shall walk away safely, and that is not the objective of this demonstration.

Step 1: What You Need.

1. Common Sense. (Although, I got away without having it.)
2. A vic...subject.
3. A toilet.
4. A towel nearby would be quite handy. Talking towels seem to be near when talking about water based activities. 

Step 2: Lift the Top.

Lift up the top part of the toilet to expose the innards.  This is where you will be working.  
Remove the lid and set it aside.

Step 3: Start the Real Work.

-Start off by finding out where the "spout" is, if you are unable to find it, flush. It will be what lets the water out and into the little "tube."

-After finding it, you will have to remove it from the "tube", which can be simply done by lifting it.( This may not be the same for all toilets, and you may have to adjust/figure it out for yourself. 

-After taking it off, align it on the rim of the basin (correct me if I am wrong on the toiletic anatomy), where it will rest as you replace the lid. 

-Now you will replace the lid, setting it over the spout, so the spout can still shoot outside the toilet. Adjust the spout based on where you want it to shoot.  

-At this point, the "cannon" should be ready to go, and if you are ready to test it, just flush (be warned that depending on how much is released, the results may be quite messy. It is just water may not be a good enough excuse, and rather, its just a lot of water should be used instead.)

Step 4: Triggering.

After all that work, the trap is now set, and now may be the longest part; waiting for the victim (leaving it at that, subject is not the correct term) to trigger the trap. You may be able to induce "bathroom urges" with a lovely video of waterfalls, or with a nice glass of water. However you do it, when the toilet is flushed, your work will be worth it; aside from the cleanup, which should be done soon afterwards, to prevent molding, or floor warping (on wooden floors).

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