Introduction: Fly Trap

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This a fly trap to control our flies. We get them because we have cats and thier food attracts LOTS of flies. If you have a dog you may have the same problem.

Step 1: Materials

We Need the following:

Step 2: The Motor Mount

Here we need to make the motor Mount.

Step 3: Mounting the Motor

In this step we mount the motor in the motor mount.

Step 4: Mounting the Fan

Here we mount the fan that actually make the motor usefull.

Step 5: Mounting the Cone Onto the Lid

I didnt make this instructable until after I made the fly trap and didnt have the materials to make a new one. So I havnt shown you how to make the cone bt it should be simple enough :D.

Step 6: The Bait

This bait smeels horrible so dont sniff it. The more water you put in the weaker it is. You only want flies around you section to smell it so dont make it too strong.

Step 7: Completing the Trap

In this tep we complete the trap itself.

Step 8: Attach the Electronics

I will explain each picture:

1) Attach aligator clips to the motor wires.

2) Attach the swith to ONE of the motor wires and put another clip on the other side.

3) That Says DC.

4) Power Supply.

5) Weird end to have but it is for my slot cars.

6) Here is where those nails can help.

7) You should have 2 free clips, clip them on here.

8) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Plug it in Plug it in (It on and ad haha)

Step 9: Watch the Vid

Watch The Vid