Introduction: Fly Tying Waste Basket and Microphone Wind Shield/pop Shield

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I made it at Techshop.

Fly tying waste basket is used under the vise to catch and collect falling items.  I first tried making a basket but I dropped a few things that I wanted to retrieve.  I found that this shallow design catches fine threads to hooks.  It can be moved away from vise and easily removed to clean out in the house hold trash bucket.

Step 1: Microphone Wind Shield/pop Shield for Audio Recording

I made it at Techshop.


In recording pops and thumps happen mainly on what are known as plosive sounds, words that start with the letter 'B' or 'P' are good examples. If you were to hold a candle in front of your lips while speaking you will see the flame flicker, because of the discharge of air when making these words. This trouble is made noticeably worse if you speak to close to the microphone. A pop shield is used to reduce this trouble.

Two of my hobbies needed a similar product but used for different applications.  I am a big fan of versable funtionanality.



Step 2: Helping Hand Fixture

I started with a helping hand I got from the discount store.

Step 3: Reconfigure Helping Hands for Applications.

I removed all parts to restructure  it into a single holder (see photo).  Based on your application you can have endless configurations.  This one worked best for both applications.

Step 4: Standard Felt for Basket and Shield

I used standard felt for basket and shield material.  I used these two piece hoops that I picked up from the dollar store.  The blue hoop is 4 ½ diameter and red is 5 ½ diameter.  They come in many different diameters.

Step 5: Insert Felt

I separated the two rings on the hoops and squeezed the felt in between.   The adjustment screw is tighten to hold the felt.  Once tighten I used house hold scissors to cut around the hoop to eliminated the outside material.   Leaving just the inner felt. 

Step 6: Mounting Hoop to Fixture

I flipped over the hoops and used the spring alligator clip to hold.  I found it best to hold the hoop at the adjustment screw.  Both created meet my needs.