Introduction: Flying Fish

Just a paper fish that flies!
The second pic was i who made it and stuff but the idea was all w1l50n1404's!
Great IDEA w1l50n1404!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1: Let's Begin...

Get a piece of A4 paper
Fold in half
Fold in top left and right corners to the middle line
You should get this
Take the sides and fold them in to the middle line
Finished with this step

Step 2: Harder Part for Non Origami Makers

Just make a waterbomb base
For those who have no idea what the heck that is just follow pictures and the next few steps
Fold along the triangle on the bottom half of the diamond just the bottom to sides though, the ones formed by the to flaps folded in on the last step.
Then fold the crease on bottom of the triangle where the two flaps meet
then push the last folds onto the middle line
then squash down

Step 3: Finishing Up

Just tuck the point that is squared and shove under the important line
Then fold up the flaps like the 3rd picture shows
Finishing touch, do to the other flap!
Oh wait flip over

Step 4: Flying It

Stick your finger under the flap that you needed to fold under the important line
Bend your elbow so the plane is by your head with point facing the way you are facing
Jerk your wrist and let the plane glide off your finger and watch it soar :)
Any problems consult me :)