Introduction: Flying Orchids, Happy Times

This is not about how to GROW orchids, just about making them happy and look awesome, even when not blooming!


1- Orchid

2- Hardware string. called braided mason line. $7.77 for a lot of it ,500ft. It is made of nylon I have seen it in pink and orange, the white color with turn yucky brown from watering. If the jute or cotton kind is used it will rot .

3-coconut fiber basket liner. $5.59 Or plastic mesh covered with moss from the craft store, called ashland moss, soiltopper 12' 3pc for14.49( with coupon $7.20) Get whichever one you like the look of best. The photos show both styles

4- orchid bark,($4.78) I ran out so for this project I am trying some bark that fell off a tree, LOL

5-sphagnum moss


this amount of supplies is going to make 3 flying orchids with leftovers

Step 1: Bark

Take the orchid bark blend. Sift out as much dust and small particles that you can. Orchids do not like dirt, so anything that will quickly rot it will dislike. Then put it in a bucket of water to hydrate it and clean it off.

Step 2: Roots

UN-pot your lovely specimen, wash the old bark off,and cut the dry dead roots

Step 3: Cover

cut the coconut basket liner, or mesh to a size that is going to wrap around the roots and a handful of bark. The amount of bark depends on how large your plant is.If you live in a dry climate wrap a small amount of sphagnum moss around the roots. Place the orchid roots in the coconut liner and carefully add the hydrated bark around the roots.

Step 4: Wrapping

Imagine you are tucking the orchid in for the night. It likes to be snug but don't break the roots. Leave one end of the string 3 feet long. while holding the coconut basket liner tightly, wrap the other end of the string around it, using the 3 foot long end to make knots to secure the string. I am afraid I do not have a mathematical way to do this, do the best you can. A spare set of hands can be very nice at this point! When wrapped well, leave the end of the string long to help hang it with. Add more guide strings to help it hang the way you want it to.

Step 5: Watering

It can be watered in place buy filling a bucket or container with water and orchid food then you stand there holding the orchid carefully in the water until it is moist enough. Then set the bucket under it to let it drain. Or you can take it to the sink and water it there. Please do not get water in the crown of the orchid, that can cause it to rot and then it will not be able to grow more leaves or flowers.

Step 6: Enjoy!

These look great and interesting even when not blooming. If they grow out of the "pot" It makes it easier on them and us to take care of them

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