Introduction: Flying Skateboard

Just want to do some different skateboard, flying skateboard, hah.
It doesn't have to be on land, it can reach a wider dimension.


Jet engine

The iron man reactor

Step 1: Build the Base Board

Build two triangular boards

Length: 87 cm

Wide: 150 cm

High: 14 cm

Length: 132 cm
Wide: 216 cm

High: 14 cm

Step 2: Connect the Two Parts

To make the structure more stable,

shorten the connecting part in the middle.

Since the current energy equipment is not enough to power the system,

I used two stark reactors to power it,

And a jet engine at the back.

Step 3: Make the Steering Pedal and Steering Shaft

A lot of flying skateboard in science fiction movies don't think about aerodynamics.Here we use four engines and a middle drive shaft,which can easily steer the flying skateboard

Step 4: Install the Fan of the Skateboard by Using the Circumferential Arrangement.

And make the fan blade Angle to play the power of the engine.

Step 5: Do a Good Landing Gear and Landing Gear Storage Bin

This allows the flying skateboard to take off and land, and reduces air resistance.

Step 6: Make the Wheels and Install Them

Step 7: Deal With the Details, Set Up the Materials, Spray Paint, Done!