Introduction: Flying Sword Skateboard

Influenced by flying sword in Chinese novel culture, I want to make a skateboard like flying sword,then we can fly with our swords!


Special shock absorption and steering

Step 1: Build the Base Board

Build a sword-like board

Length: 116 cm

Wide: 30 cm

High: 3 cm

Set an oval sketch on one side of the board and cut it.

then mirror it to get a beautiful sword body.

Create a sketch of a polygon like a sword-holder and stretch it.
Make the whole sword look solid.

Step 2: Cut the Edges

Chamfer the edge of the body to make it look sharp.

But not too sharp, or you'll get a scratch.

Step 3: Make the Warped Plate of the Tail. Add a Pattern to the Body.

From a practical point of view, create a warped plate that looks like a stepped warped plate and a grip hilt.

Add a pattern to the body,you can even tell that this sword has an ancient history.

Step 4: Make the Shape of the Bracket

The connection cannot be made directly. Consider the details.

Make the general shape of the bracket and add details.

Make the edges round, make the concrete shape of the bracket,make the shock absorber and the fitting device, make the transmission shaft...

Step 5: Assemble All Parts and Debug

Step 6: Add More Details

Do more details,such as the thread of the screw, the ring at the joint, Beads in bearings,etc.

Like a rotor in a wheel. The details on the inside of the wheel can't be forgotten...

Step 7: Change Materials, Paint, Hah, Done!

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