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Hi there!

This guide is for volunteers assembling face shields as part of the PPE project of Something Labs, but heck, it can be for anyone too! Because of that, this guide will skip over some of the regular thoughts about sourcing parts and such, because we're providing all those to volunteers. If you're interested, holler at

Okey dokes! Let's get to these foamyface shields.

You're going to start out by grabbing TWO BAGS from us.


  • 100 Plastic Lenses
  • 100 Elastic Straps
  • 2 Bag Labels
  • 1 Sample Face Shield


  • 100 Foam Strips

When you get home, make sure that you are assembling safely. Make sure you or others in your household do not have any symptoms of sickness. Find a clean space, wash your hands, and have fun.

Let's save some face!

Step 1: Peel Film Off One Side

Let's get started! We'll take it easy.

That's right, just one of 'em! We'll put the foam on this side.

Step 2: Peel + Apply Foam on Peeled Side

Peel adhesive backing off of foam and line it up between the holes for the elastic. Press hard to make a good bond. Make sure to do it on the side you just peeled!

Step 3: Add Elastic Strap (part 1)

Start by peeling just the corner back of the lens side you didn't peel. Tie a knot in one of the elastic and pull through the outside hole so that the knot is on the same side of the foam. Thread back through the inner hole so that the elastic ends up on the same side of the foam.

Push the film back down over the elastic. This will keep the lens more protected while making it easy to take off for the user.

Step 4: Finish Elastic + Tie

Pull back the film on the other corner of the shield. Thread the elastic through the inner hole, then back through the outer hole so that it mirrors the other side. Finish by tying a knot so the elastic can't go through.

This elastic system allows users to pull on the ends to tighten while keeping the straps out of the way. :)

Step 5: Okay, Now Make 100 :)

Well, now you're off to the races!

Take your time, watch a movie, chat with an old friend, and let's make some face shields!

You will probably find that batching actions makes most sense. You might decide to peel one side of all the lenses, then remove all the foam transfer tapes, then knot one end of each of the pieces of elastic, etc. Whatever way works for you is the right way!

Step 6: Bag 'em Up!

The bags aren't the largest things in the world. But this method should work pretty well.

Line up five shields foam-side up as close as they'll nuzzle. Then line up five more on top of them foam-size down so the foam is interlaced. Start from the bottom and work your way up to make it all work out. This will give you 10 shields laid out. Each bag should have 50, so just do that 5 times a bag.

After you slide them in, seal up the bag, and through a sticker on top. You can keep the sample for you.

Now do a jig, celebrate, listen to your favorite song, and then return the bag for distribution.

THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH for helping out frontline workers!


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