Introduction: Foam Viking Helmet

Here I will show you how to make A Viking helmet for LARP............Please refer to- top -before getting started on this instructable.

Step 1:

Assuming you followed the link and already did the necessary preparations too make the helmet top. Caring over from/following that, you are now ready to make a Viking Helmet. So First off you will need to cut a small piece of foam about 1 inch wide and however long you need the strip to go down and cover your nose. then tape it on and color it up

Step 2:

Next is to cut out a strip of foam. It should be about 18-19 inches long and the high of the strip should be about 3 or more inches tall (depending on your head and how far your ears come down or whatever you preference). Regardless the piece should come down and cover no more then the very bottom of your ear. once you have figured all that out tape the strip of foam to the helmet

Step 3:

When your are all down taping the strip all the way around the helmet, your done. Now just add some fancy decoration to make it look even better and your ready for Battle!!!