Introduction: Fold a Pillowcase Like a PRO

Learn to fold a pillowcase (of any size!) into a neat little square that fits nicely and saves space in your linen closet or drawer. 

Pillowcases come in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit the assortment of pillows everyone uses from European and Square pillows to Standard and Body pillows. There are many ways to fold a pillowcase. They all have their benefits, mostly based solely on your style and linen storage. After trying a variety of folds with an assortment of pillowcase shapes and materials, I've come to really love this method as it's applicable to them all. For this Instructable, I walk through each individual fold for a standard pillowcase. I will then include a brief step for both the square pillowcase (step 7) and body pillowcase (step 8) since they are essentially the same as the standard size with only a few changes/additions.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

You'll need the following materials:
  • A Pillowcase in Need of Folding
  • Flat and Clean Surface
  • Iron*
  • Ironing Board*
*Optional Item. Items marked with a star (*) are definitely not required to fold your pillowcase, but they will help get your pillowcase to be extra crisp and compact. 

Step 2: Flatten Your Pillowcase

Make sure your flat surface is clean and large enough to accommodate your pillowcase, those of you folding body pillows are going to want to start with your pillowcase already folded in half (see step 8). Spread your pillowcase out on top of your flat surface with any design details facing down. By facing them down they will get displayed once the pillowcase is folded. I have folded the bottom left corner of my pillowcase up to showcase that the detailed design is facing down

Smooth out any wrinkles you can with your hands by running them along the pillowcase. If your pillowcase is refusing to smooth itself, get out that iron and move to the next step. 

Note: If you fold your pillowcase immediately after it has come out of the dryer, it will be easier to smooth and most likely will not need to be ironed to get rid of the wrinkles. 

Step 3: Iron

This is that optional step. 

If you are struggling to make your pillowcase lie smoothly on your surface, ironing is a simple and easy step to help remove the remaining wrinkles. Turn your iron on and allow it to heat up while you continue to remove any wrinkles by smoothing with your hands.

Slide your pillowcase over the ironing board so that you are only smoothing one side at a time. Once the iron is hot, work the iron back and forth in gentle sweeping motions along your pillowcase. Flip your pillowcase over and repeat on the opposite side to remove any additional wrinkles on the flip side. 

Step 4: Fold Into Thirds

Lay your smoothed pillowcase flat on the table in front of you with the opening of the pillowcase facing you. Fold the pillowcase into thirds lengthwise. Your pillowcase should now look like a long and skinny rectangle. 

Step 5: Fold in Half

Fold your pillowcase in half by taking the end furthest from you and bringing it towards you. I like to place one finger halfway down the pillowcase so that I can fold over that finger which creates a nice smooth fold. 

Step 6: Fold in Half Again

Fold the pillowcase in half again. Take the end furthest from you and bring it towards you. Your pillowcase should now look like a square.

Finally, flip your pillowcase over to display that detail!

Step 7: Square Pillowcase

Here are the six steps for a square pillowcase, the first three are the same as the standard pillowcase. 
  1.  Lay your square pillowcase flat and smooth. Make sure the opening is still facing you. 
  2.  Visually divide your pillowcase into thirds. Fold the left third of the pillowcase over to the right.
  3.  Fold the right third of the pillowcase to the left. You should have that same long rectangle by this step.
  4.  Visually divide your elongated rectangle into thirds. Fold the bottom third up.
  5.  Fold the top third down.
  6.  Flip over and store! 

Your square pillowcase is now neatly folded and the same size as your standard pillowcase.

Step 8: Body Pillowcase

The body pillowcase is folded exactly like the standard pillowcase, with the one exception of getting folded in half first to minimize it's size.

Folding Steps:
  1. Fold entire pillowcase in half (should be roughly the size of a standard pillowcase). Make sure the opening is facing you still.
  2. Visually divide into thirds. Fold the left third over to the right.
  3. Fold the right third so that it lays on top of the other two thirds.
  4. Fold in half, bringing the top half down on top of the bottom.
  5. Fold in half again, bringing the top half down on top of the bottom. Flip over and store!

Step 9: Put Away

You're done! Your pillowcases are neatly, crisply, and compactly folded. Go ahead and store them! 

A final note: as we all know, pillows are only the tip of the bedding/linen iceberg. There is a really cool Instructable here that offers a neat storage idea to keep all of your sheet sets together once they are all folded inside one of your pillowcases. Use this Instructable to fold the rest of the pillowcases in the set and save even more room. 

And, a fun fact: the difference between a sham and a pillowcase. A pillowcase is a cover for your pillow with a purpose. It's meant to be soft and smooth for your face while simultaneously absorbing some of the drool and sweat we let out during sleep. A sham is it's decorative pillow cover sibling. It's meant to look pretty and add decoration to a bed or accent to a couch, but not necessarily sleep on top of.