Introduction: Foldable Cardboard Mini-Golf Course

Personally I love mini golf, I had been wanting to make a mini golf course for a while but didnt have the space or know what to make it out of, metal was too expensive and I didn't have any tools to make it out of wood. But then I remembered the Gorilla glue contest. So I thought, I could make it out of cardboard. And then she happened... Now I enjoy putting it up in my room or wherever I want because it is completely mobile and easy to store anywhere. So I hope you enjoy this instructable and don't forget to vote for me in the gorilla glue contest.

Step 1: Material List

For this instructable you will need a few things like:

- A pencil
- A utility knife
- A staple gun
- Some weights
- Clamps
- A long ruler
- Clothes pins
- A bottle of wood glue (I used gorilla glue)
- Duct tape (I used gorilla tape)
- Sand paper
- A place to work
- And a whole lotta cardboard

Step 2: Making the Base

For the base I used one big 54" x 30" inch piece of cardboard and an other 54" x 26" inch piece of cardboard. Re-enforced by gluing other pieces of cardboard on the bottom. In order to fuse them together I placed 2 bar stools and boxes as weights, to make sure the edges fused together, I used clothes pins. When I was done I ended up with 2 layers of cardboard per base.

Step 3: Attaching the Side Railing

Now you will need four pieces of small cardboard to make the railing so the ball doesnt fly out of the course when your trying to putt. I used some packing boxes that I got from a UPS store the model number is s-4625 (in case you want to get the same ones). That particular box can be folded really easily into a triangle. Cut the box at one side,lay it flat, once you fold the box into the triangle glue the ends of the box together and put clothes pins on the ends, then let them dry. Then glue them to the bases.

Step 4: Making the Hinges

One piece of cardboard needs to be slightly bigger so that it folds and stores properly.
I hinged them together with a creased piece of cardboard, I glued it to the bigger pieces of cardboard, stapled them and put a little bit of gorilla tape on the sides just to make sure it didnt come off because if that comes off the whole thing is ruined. And it won't fold right. And you should put clothes pins on the hinge until its done drying so it will dry nice and even.

Step 5: Making the Hole

The first thing I did was cut the tube that would be the hole, I cut it to 5", then in order to make it stand in place I cut a sliver of the bottom, and glued it to the base.
The back end of the box is 7" x 29", the top of it is 6" x 22.5", and the front is 6" x 21.5" The back piece had tabs to aid in the gluing also a place to staple the box in place, the front part had tabs on the inside which were used for gluing & stapling. The top part just has glue on the edges. Once all parts were in place I let them dry for a couple of hours.

Step 6: Getting the Texture

You need the texture on the foundation otherwise the ball will roll too fast and it will be impossible to get the ball in the hole. So what you do is get some cardboard and soak it with water and then peel off the first layer of cardboard just enough to get the texture that's inside all cardboard.

Step 7: Attaching the Texture

Now that you have the texture, its time to glue it to the base. Once you've done that put a sheet of cardboard on top of it and then put on your weights. If you put the weights on without the cardboard it will smash the texture and it will defeat the whole purpose of having the texture.

Step 8: Making the Obstacles

Now to you make the obstacles. First cut some slits in the side rails. If you use the boxes that I recommended you wont need to cut slits beacause the triangles are spaced out. Then put some cardboard in the slits, mark them and cut them so they fit perfectly in the silts. You can cut any thing on the obstacles to make the ball go through or over them. I cut a hole in one and put a ramp leading to the hole so the ball could go up the ramp and through the hole but thats just a suggestion. The last picture shows my designs.

Step 9: Cutting and Using the Stencil

This step is optional but if you want to you can print out a picture of whatever you want, then cut it out with an x-acto knife. Tape the stencil to the box then spray paint over it. Once the paint has dried you remove the stencil and you have your picture.
Instead of a tee, I poked a hole in the texture with a screwdriver, try to make sure that it's centered.

Step 10: Now Your Done!

Grab a putter and have fun.

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