Introduction: Foldable Music Stand

When musicians go on trips, they usually need to practice, a whole stand wouldn't fit in a luggage, and if you're like me, the wobbly wire stands are a personal fear. The foldable music stand is compact and lightweight springing open when needed and closing when not. It also safely protects your music inside!

Step 1: Materials

You will need. . .
Cardboard (or material of choice for the stand)
X-acto (optional, but I find it easier to cut cardboard with this)

Step 2: The Plan

The design is above, feel free to use or modify it.

Step 3: Draw and Cut

Draw the first image on your cardboard. The total height should be around two music sheets plus about an inch extra. (The inch is for the lip.) The length (or width?) is two music sheets. Mark your cut lines are your fold lines (a fold for the lip, and a fold for the top).

Step 4: Add String!

I have no idea how to explain this, but I'll try. (If you miraculously understand my gibberish and have a better way to explain, it'd be much appreciated if you could leave a comment)

Using the many diagrams above, wrap your string around the lip then bring to the other side. Cut and tape where needed. The last image is a picture of the finished product.

Step 5: Use It!

If you somehow understood my confusing instructions and have managed to follow along with my horrible explanations, congrats! The stand is ready to use right now, but if you want yours to be cleaner neaten the edges, decorate it by covering it in present paper or paint.

Please like, share, and comment! I'd love to see pictures of your versions!