Introduction: Folded Clothes Hidden Compartment

I purchased a cheap safe just to keep the kids or snooping guests out of anything I don't want them getting in to but having a safe out in the open still can be temping for some so I needed a way to conceal it but still make it relatively easy to access.

I made a box that resembles a stack of folded clothes to conceal it while also making it simple and easy to expose the safe underneath. I used jeans because I had a couple pairs that were torn and was going to throw them out anyway. Old towels are another great option.

This "folded clothes" cover can be customized to be almost any size to cover anything you want.

Step 1: Inspiration

Some time ago I came across a post about how department stores just used baffles to make one pair of jeans look like a folded stack. I figured the same concept could be used to camouflage the safe in my closet.

Step 2: Making the Box

The first step is to create a box with the interior dimensions of what you are trying to hide. I recommend using any sort of board that is at least 1/2 in thick. I used some 1/2 in plywood that I had left over. It is important to make sure that you increase the dimensions of the top and front panels to take into account the material thickness.

I needed the internal dimensions to be 10 x 10 x 13.5 inches so I made the top 14 x 11.5, the front was 14 x 10 and the side was 10 x 10. I added 1/2 inches to both top dimensions, and the front width to accommodate the thickness of the material.

I only needed one side since this is against the wall but you can make it with two sides if your application needs it. Just make sure to make sure the interior dimensions will still come out correct.

When assembling the box, make sure to countersink the screws or use nails so that there are no protruding fasteners that would ruin the illusion.

Step 3: Making the Fold Bumps

To give it the look of a folded stack, it needed to have some sort of baffling where the indented parts replicate the layers. I used some 2 x 4 lumber and cut 1/2 in thick strips to make 1.5 x 0.5 x 14 in baffles. I used the edges where the 2 x 4 already had rounded edges to prevent sharp edges in the "folded" look. The edges can be rounded by sanding or a router if you don't use the edges.

The gap between the baffles needs to be large enough for the material to be pressed into but not too large that it doesn't look like the correct height for the "folded" material. Mine had a gap of 0.3 inches for jeans but will need to be adjusted depending on the material you use.

Step 4: Attaching the Fabric

Next, it is time to attach the fabric. It can be attached by either glue or a fastener like nails or staples. I chose the staple route and removed all but the bottom baffle and then stapled the jeans onto the bottom baffle making sure to leave some extra fabric hanging that will be folded underneath and stapled to the back side of the front panel. I then stapled it on to the top of the bottom baffle making sure that the fabric is slightly loose and not stretched tight over the baffle.

I then added the next baffle and stapled to the top of that one. Make sure to keep the fabric loose so that it will drape over the gap hiding any staples.

Continue adding baffles and stapling as you go until you are all the way back to the top. I just folded up the remaining material and laid it on top.

I had considered adding baffling to the side as well but decided to just drape another pair of jeans over it to keep it from looking too neat

Step 5: (Optional) Camouflage

To make the jeans look used and dirty to even more keep people from snooping with them, I rubbed in some sawdust from my shop. This step isn't really necessary but I thought it could be a slight extra deterrent. And it made it fit in more with my other work clothes that I piled around it to make it all look more natural.

Step 6: Put in Place

All that is left is to put in the cover and then add anything extra to make it blend in. Now if anyone is glancing in my closet it won't be obvious that there is a safe in the corner.

And I know some might say I could have just piled up clothes around it without the extra effort but the box makes it much easier to access quickly and easily.

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