Introduction: Folding an Origami Crane

Step 1: For Starters...

Get a flat surface I fold on and a square piece of origami paper. Turn the paper so the colorful side is up/facing you/towards you.

Step 2: Triangle #1

Fold your paper to become a triangle.

Step 3: Triangle #2

Fold the paper to make a triangle form the opposite corners on the other side I the paper.

Step 4: Lay Out Flat

Lay your paper bottom side up flat.

Step 5: Rectangle #1

Fold your paper to make a rectangle horizontally.

Step 6: Rectangle #2

Fold in half the other way horizontally to make the second rectangle.

Step 7: It Comes Naturally:)

You have to squeeze the four sides in to get a diamond and then flatten the diamond down. This process is easier if you go with the flow. It comes naturally as you fold.

Step 8: You Want the Thick Point to Rotate!

You will have a diamond with the layered paper side pointed up so rotate your diamond to have the thick one layer paper point up.

Step 9: Kite Fold

Fold the sides in to form a kite shape with the first paper layer.

Step 10: Tab Down and Out

Fold the point on the top down like so and unfold like so...

Step 11: Here Comes the Trickier Part:0

Pull up the first layer paper an flatten at the inside out crease. Then make flat. Do the same with the untouched back side.

Step 12: Same

Do the same for the other side

Step 13: Edges

Fold the edges across completely then do the same for the other side.

Step 14: L Shape

Create the beak by folding the point down and squishing it in place as an L shape. Do the same to make the tail if desired.

Step 15: Wings

Fold the wings up.

Step 16: Done!!

Fold wings down and you've got yourself a crane!
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