Introduction: Folding an Origami Flower

Anyone can make this super easy Origami flower. They make excellent gifts and they are super fun.


One sheet of regular or Origami paper (optional)

One pair of scissors

A hard surface to fold on.

Step 1: Step 1: the Beginning

Start with the top right corner and fold it to the left side of the page until you have a triangle and a 2-inch strip on the bottom. Then cut off the strip and set it to the side. Then unfold the triangle that was just folded and fold it the opposite way the bottom right to the top left forming an X in creases on the paper when you unfold it.

Step 2: Step 2: the End in the Beginning

Fold the paper in half then unfold. Next fold it in half the other way forming an asterisk on the paper when it is unfolded. Then take the center line and fold it the opposite way so that the crease can bend either way.

Step 3: Step 3: X Marks the Spot

This is the tricky part what will happen is two of the sides will be folded inward on both sides at the center crease so that the paper will stand up and have 2 triangle sides. Then lay it flat and start with the next fold.

Step 4: Step 4: a Diamond in the Rough

Fold the right corner into the crease in the center forming half of a diamond on one side of the 2 triangles then do the same with the left side so that you have a triangle in the back and a diamond in the front. Then flip it over so that the diamond is on the bottom and the triangle is on the top and do the same with that triangle forming a diamond with creases on both sides.

Step 5: Step 5: Lets Go Fly a Kite

At this point the ends of the triangle should be at the top of the diamond and have a crease in the middle. Open the diamond to the two sides that are smooth and do not have the triangle ends. Then turn it upside down so that the folds of the triangles are facing down and on the inside.

Step 6: Step 6: Up to the Highest Height

Make a kite. Take the left side of the diamond and fold it crossing the center crease same with the right side until you have 2 uneven sides touching each other and a slit in both. Then flip it and do the same to the other side. Now you have 2 kites on both sides

Step 7: Step 7: Bird's Eyes

Insert one side of the kite into the slit of the other side. Then flip it and the same with the back forming what looks like an arrow with two big openings like bird’s eyes in it. Then the side with the opening there is a tiny hole opposite of the point of the arrow that come together at the point. Blow slightly into the hole until it expands the inside; however, do not blow too hard so that the ends stay together

Step 8: Step 8: the Beginning of the End

Here is where it looks like a prism. There is a point in the middle and four edges surrounding it opposite of the hole that was just blown in. Pick one and fold it halfway down slightly so that it forms a petal. Then do the same with the other 3 sides.

Step 9: Step 9: the End (just Kidding)

Step 10: Step 10: Fin!

Lastly grab the strip of paper you set aside and cut off the bottom and fold it in half. Then in half again, 2 more times until it is skinny. After it is very skinny, the smallest you can fold it in a strip, then slide it through the hole at the bottom of the flower to form the stem. Then you have a finished Origami flower.