Introduction: Follow Me Cooler on the Beach

About: I am a Mechanical Engineer that just started working on DIY projects, very new, trying to learn and grow and build some cool stuff

This is a learn while I build instructable, anyone willing to help me design, build, choose materials would be very helpful

Step 1: I Am in the Design Phase of My Project

So I feel I am ready to start a fairly complicated project, and I have just begun the design phase. I have watched different youtube videos of others doing different aspects of my project, but I want to put it all together into one big project.

My idea is to make a cooler that can maintain its coldness by pumping in cold air or a similar concept and can follow me throughout the beach, without bumping into other people. Concept image shown above.

Step 2: This Is the Concept I Am Thinking of Using for Keeping Cooler Cool

So this was a really awesome project that I think works for my application of keeping my cooler cool.

My cooler box will be 18 L x 36 W x 18 H inches. The only problem is that my cooler will be in the hot florida sun and high humidity, therefore I am worried that the heat and humidity will deform the cooler if built exactly like this video. Any suggestions on how I can improve this design towards my application? what materials should I use?

Step 3: Making Cooler Follow Me

There are 3 different concepts I am looking at regarding the cooler following me. the cooler will have 4 wheels, i think i want the each wheel to have its own motor and the front two wheels can rotate. The important thing to denote here is that I believe there will be a lot of slippage in the sand of the motors, which makes me think the gps concept may be the best. But there are two other methods I found really interesting and also possible ideas.

If you could give your input regarding what you think the best method for controlling the motion of the robot, I would appreciate it

Step 4: Object Avoidance While Following

Not only do I want the robot cooler to follow me, but I also want to avoid hitting people sitting in the sand. I was thinking about doing similar to this instructable:

Step 5: What Materials Should I Choose

So i have to figure out what material i should use for the outside of the cooler because of the heat and humidity. I was thinking maybe insulation but then aesthetically it would not look nice. any suggestions?

This will be a learn as I go instructable, more to follow.