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Introduction: Follow Me Flip Flops

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Where's the party at? Follow Me Flip Flops can show you. This cheeky footwear idea will help you make a legible trail that all your friends can follow to find you and your beach boogie celebration. By turning the bottom of a pair of inexpensive flip flops into reverse stamps, you can mark just about any message or shape into the sand for functional or frivolous fun!

Now, follow me...

Step 1: Supplies


  • one pair inexpensive flip flops with stiff soles
  • 1/4" cork or 1/4" of layered adhesive craft foam*
  • Liquid Nails adhesive


  • stencil pdf print out
  • pen
  • exacto knife
  • cutting mat
  • masking tape
  • craft or stir stick (not pictured)

*If you intend these for a one time use as I did, cork works great. If you want to make a pair that you can use again and again, I suggest using the layered adhesive craft foam instead (or rubber, but it would be harder to cut).

Step 2: Trace 'em

Using a pen, trace the flip flop bottoms onto the cork (or layered foam).

Step 3: Cut It Out!

Cut out the stencils, leaving a 1/2" border around the pattern. (see pictured)

NOTE: You can easily make your own stencils instead of using mine. Just trace the flip flops onto a piece of printer paper and draw your own message/shape inside the traced lines. IMPORTANT: If you do this, make sure that you leave a substantial border inside the edge of the traced bottoms and that your letters are wide enough to not trap the sand (at least 3/8").

Step 4: Stick It!

Place your stencil cut outs where you want them to be and tape them down.

Step 5: Cut It Out Again!

Using a sharp blade, cut out 'Party' and the arrow. Be sure to carefully cut out the tiny 'inside' letter bits and set them aside to be glued into place later.

Then cut out the flip flop bottom outline.

Step 6: Two Become One

Using the craft/stir stick, apply a generous, but tidy, layer of liquid nails to the entire surface of the 'Party' cut out. Place it on the bottom of the corresponding flip flop, line it up with the edge and press it down into place.

Step 7: Letter Bits & Arrow

Glue the inside letter bits into place.

Then glue the arrow sole onto the bottom of the other flip flop.

Place your new 'stamp' flip flops bottoms down on a fresh piece of paper. Next, weigh them down with something that's heavy, but flexible, so that the entire surface of the cork is in contact with the bottoms of the flip flops. (I used sand bags.)

Leave them overnight to dry/set.

Step 8: Let Your Walkin' Talk!

For the best results, leave your message trail in the sand that lies between the compact wet sand close to the water and the fluffy dry sand above the tide line. A medium constancy sand will give you the best impressions!

Have fun leading the way with what your new shoes have to say!

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8 years ago on Introduction

The name of this instructable made me chuckle. Fun fact: prostitutes in ancient Greece wore shoes that had "follow me" carved into the bottom so they would leave footprints in the dust attracting customers.


8 years ago on Introduction

I like this one too!

Party is okay, but you may need to find someone who wears size 12s if you were doing directions for a symposium!

Great Instructable.


Some months ago I saw flip flops that left messages on the sand like yours, but there were too expensive... so I wanted to make my own ones but I haven't no idea how! And here's your tutorial! Thanks for sharing! Finally I can use a roll of cork I bought one day just in case sometime I'll need meters of cork... :p


8 years ago

I did this with the words "Follow Me" and "Bring Beer." (I stole the idea off imgur)

Neat. The concept sort of reminds me of what ants do. One of the ants leave a chemical trail behind if she finds something yummy like your picnic for instance. :)

Paige Russell
Paige Russell

Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

Yup, leaving a party trail to follow is what's up - whether for humans or ants! : )


8 years ago

wow! that is cool! we did 1/2" thick wood blocks glued to the bottom of shoes many years ago.