Food Mold

Introduction: Food Mold

This is how to make a food mold in tinkercad

Step 1: Starting the Mold

Start with a blank workplane

Step 2: Mold Starter

Grab a cub for the shapes and add on the workplane

Step 3: Here We Go

Stretch out cube to desired length and add another cube on top and change colour to make easier to see

Step 4: Making the Hole Part.1

Stretch out second cube to desired length

Step 5: Making Hole Part. 2

Group them together and change colour to desired colour

Step 6: Add the Text

At the text block into mold

Step 7: Write the Word

Change text to whatever you want

Step 8: Finnish the Text

Change the colour of the text

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    2 years ago on Step 8

    Great Job!

    psst... maybe check out my profile... I'd like you to see what I made 😉