Introduction: Pizzarama

This is how to create a pizza in tinkercad


Blank work-plane and lots of spheres

Step 1: How to Start

Grab a blank workplane to start this project

Step 2: Next Step

Next grab a Sphere and change it to the colour you want your base to be

Step 3: To Start Your Pizza

Flatten your sphere and stretch it out to the size you want

Step 4: To Create the Tomato Sauce

Grab another sphere and place it onto the pizza base and change the colour to red or whatever colour you want

Step 5: Stretch Out the Sauce

Next stretch out the sphere to fit the base

Step 6: Start the Cheesy Puns

Place yet another sphere onto the sauce and change the colour

Step 7: Cheesy Puns

stretch out the cheese

Step 8: Add the Salami

Add yet another sphere and change the colour to dark red or whatever colour you want

Step 9: Complete the Pizza

Repeat last step until satisfied and you have completed a pizza