Introduction: Foolproof Matchstick Rocket!

When I saw my first matchstick rocket on Instructables I had a million ideas on how to make it better.

Most of those have already been compiled it other 'ibles but the thing that stumped me most was that these weapons could not be mass produced!

I (using lego) have found out a way you can get a production line of matchstick rockets going and you can easily do a box of 50 in about 2 minutes!

All you need it some al-foil, matches and lego!

Step 1: Parts List.

You will need to have a lego axle bout twice as long as your match.

You will need some matches.

And last but not least you will need some al-foil.

Step 2: Make the Case.

This is the fast part.

When you get this down-pat you will have yourself an armory in no time!

You have to get yourself some foil about twice the length of a matchstick wide, (my matchstick = 1" long - my foil needs to be 2" wide).

Now fold it in half so it is as wide as you matchstick is long.

After that you have to lay the lego axle on the foil so the end sits at about the 0.75" line.

Once it is in place you need to roll the foil around the axle two and a half times, the end should be under 2 layers.

When the foil is wrapped you can tear the tag end off, it should come straight off easily leaving a neat edge.

Then you can grab the end of the foil tube and twist it tightly closed and run another axle along the ridges to pronounce the "+" shape.

Step 3: Adding the POWER!

Now it is time to add the match, this is the engine of your rocket!

Do this by slotting the match into the foil tube until the head of the match touches the end of the tube.

Now pinch two opposite sides of the "+"shape and lightly pull them out so the rocket looks like it has wings.

Once that is done you can twist them in opposite directions to "lock" the foil in place and then hand it over to your stacker!

I gave mine to my lego minifigs and they built a launcher and tried to light it like a firework! silly minifigs...

Thanks for reading, I would like to give a shout out to all the minifigs that helped me with this project (including building the launcher) and thank them for not setting the match off indoors...

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