Introduction: Arduino Foosball Scoreboard ( Sensor IR Led )

Two months ago I was build Foosball table. It looks OK, but I miss Arduino. I didn't like scoring units, so I was made electronic scoreboard. Main board I was chose Arduino Pro mini 5V. LCD display I was chose 16x02. For ball (goal) detector was used IR led for transmitter and TSOP34838 for receiver. 500ohm variable resistor it is for adjusting IR led. So if TSOP34838 didn't detect IR beam adjust variable resistor.

Step 1: Parts

To create this Foosball scoreboard you will need:

1) Arduino Pro mini 5V

2) 16x02 LCD display HD44780

3) LCD i2c module

4) IR photo module TSOP34838

5) IR led

6) KF50BDT 5V voltage regulator

7) 12x12 Tact Switch

8) 5V Buzzer

9) 850mAh 2s LiPo battery

10) 470R, 1K, 10K - resistors

11) 500ohm variable resistor

Step 2: Schematic and Wiring Diagram

Step 3: PCB for Foosball Scoreboard

Design printed circuit board (PCB), I was used ,,Sprint-Layout" software.

Exported to Gerber files.

Sprint Layout 6.0 demo >> link

Step 4: Arduino Code

Step 5: 3d Printed Parts

Step 6: Final Result