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Introduction: Foot Controlled Remote

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Can I focus and shoot without my hands on my Canon 200D?

Yes I can!

Step 1: Sit Back and Hit Play…

Step 2: Making the Casing…

I used an old leftover metal casing, and cut it down to preferred size. Made some scrap wood walls and drilled holes for screws and conections. Turned the thing over…

Step 3: Solder Time…

and measured for holes to fit the two large buttons (I had laying around:-) Before I soldered the wiring and 3.5mm audio conncetor I did a final check to see that I had the right wiring for the right buttons.

How it works: When you touch the ground and the “left” wire the camera focuses and when ground and “right” touch you shoot. There is no electricity involved so don't worry you won't shortcut your "new" camera.

Step 4: That's It, Focus and Shoot

…with your foot!

Step 5: Parts & Tools

I use a lot of things I already have. You probably have some of these parts yourself. Anyway, what I bought was this:

Step 6: One More Thing…

Ok, so I couldn't just stop there. I had to have a hand held remote as well. So I made one from an old 35mm film container. Same same but different:-)

This build was originally inspired by:

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